How to find the best wedding Hair & Makeup Artist

Know what you want and need!

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Some prefer a natural and innocent look while some might prefer a bolder look. Decide on a look you love. A minimalist look requires a no-fuss hairdo with natural makeup. A romantic style allows you to go all out. Quirky and unconventional? Go for that colour you’ve always wanted. The goal is to stick to a consistent visual that blends well with your motif. In order to get the look that you crave, you need to find a good makeup artist to do up your makeup that suits your style and can last for long hours. And it needs to look good in your wedding photos both inside and out.


Ask your makeup artist which makeup style he/she thinks would fit your wedding aesthetic best!

The best teacher for wedding makeup artists is experience. If your chosen makeup artist is a pro, then he/she would know which look suits your features best. Don’t be afraid to ask. In the same light, don’t be afraid to experiment either. This definitely is the skillset of the wedding hair and makeup artist and underscores why a trial is SO important.


How do I know what hairstyle to get for my wedding?

This is determined by the theme of the wedding, daytime or evening? Traditional or modern? Formal or casual or boho? Vintage or contemporary? What does your dress look like? The dress style can tell you if you will be wearing it up or down, or incorporating braids, etc. Your hairstylist will help you figure out the right style to go with your dress and your theme. The hairstyle should meet the personality as well it should blend in with the face structure because each and every bride is different. Your wedding hair and makeup artist can help you choose the right hairstyle for your wedding.


Have a trial session and discuss the look!

Set a date for the trial makeup session with the MUA/HSA that you aim to hire. At the beginning of the session, remember to time how long it will take from start to finish. This will come in handy in setting the time for the actual event day. Once finished, discuss the look with your MUA/HSA so he or she can make the necessary adjustment on your wedding day.


Are you comfortable with their personality?

Before you hire someone to do your makeup for your wedding you need to know a little more about them and their work ethic. You can get a good idea about this person when you read a series of reviews that all say similar things. He/She was punctual and fun, organized and on top of their schedule for the day, made everyone look and feel beautiful, was easy to work with. When you see multiple brides all saying the same types of positive things about this artist you can be confident that this person is a good hire. And also when you select a hair & makeup artist after going through the pictures on social media, it’s important to ask few people who have worked with them beforehand. Because no matter how skilled the makeup artist is, if he/she isn’t someone who isn’t easy to work with, it might add more stress on the day of the wedding.


Do the look that you feel the most C O N F I D E N T in!

At the end of the day, you want to feel your most beautiful. When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. And when you look beautiful, your confidence shows. Go for the look that feels “just right”. You want to be your best version, not someone else’s. Don’t stress your make-up. With these tips on hand, finding the right look could actually be one of the more exciting tasks you’d be doing for the wedding. Our take? You are beautiful no matter what. But in the hands of a skilled wedding makeup artist, you become the best version of yourself.

Your wedding photos will live on forever, so make sure to choose a professional who can help you be the most luminous bride you can be. Finding a good wedding hair and makeup artist is key to looking gorgeous on your wedding day.

Sending you lots of love,

Beyond Destiny

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